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Online gatherings that are social

Virtual United is a virtual space where people can meet and talk.


Free Flow Virtual Event Platform

The best parts of in-person events brought to a digital format. Unlock new capabilities in your networking and conversations not available anywhere else.

Optimized Group Dynamics

Small groups build stronger relationships and stay engaged. Movement enables attendees to network intentionally.

Intuitive & Easy To Use

All attendees can learn in seconds. Tutorials, guides, templates and documentation available.

Live tech support via video and phone at all events.

How We Do It

Perfect For

Cocktail Parties

Networking Events

Fairs and Tabled Events

Group Workshops

And so much more!

No Credit Card Required.

Features Include

✔️ Free Movement

✔️ Start New Conversations

✔️ Make Invitations

✔️ Multi-Channel Messaging

✔️ Utilize Profiles to Find Targets

✔️ Connect LinkedIn and Calendar

✔️ No Download Needed, Browser Based

✔️ Set Up Events in Seconds

✔️ Custom Branding & Sponsorship Placement

✔️ Announcements & Activities

✔️ Live Tech Support

✔️ Detailed Documentation and Resources

Detailed profile cards

Participants easily find exactly who they are looking for!

Profile Cards share key information, so you can quickly see who is in each group and how to reach them in the future.

Get connected in seconds.


What people are saying about us

“Virtual United duplicates the experience of going to an in-person networking event or even a cocktail party... If you are looking to spice up your networking, going to events on this platform is the way to go.”

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 1.10.28 PM.png

Tracy Champagne - Small Business Milwaukee

Start Hosting Amazing Events!

Liberate your networking and sign up today!

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