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Virtual United lets you create a virtual space that functions and feels the way you want it to. You know your guests and participants best! Thus, we give you pricing and support to use the space in a way that inspires your community.

Networking Platform

Conference Software


Live Support

Live tech support at all of your events to ensure an incredible experience for all of your attendees.


No-Risk Purchase

You will love your first month of events or your money back.

Free Consulation

Our team will help you host memorable events on our platform.


Some More Cool Features!

✔️ Free Movement

✔️ Start New Conversations

✔️ Make Invitations

✔️ Multi-Channel Messaging

✔️ Utilize Profiles to Find Targets

✔️ Connect LinkedIn and Calendar

✔️ No Download Needed, Browser Based

✔️ Set Up Events in Seconds

✔️ Custom Branding & Sponsorship Placement

✔️ Announcements & Activities

✔️ Live Tech Support

✔️ Detailed Documentation and Resources


We can answer questions about single events, non profit deals, enterprise pricing and more.

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